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About Us


To partner with our customers and provide the best quality and technologically advanced equipment while continuing to support our customer’s needs after the sale by providing qualified, knowledgeable individuals in sales, inservice training, technical support and service.


Collier’s Medical (a.k.a.) Collier’s Sterilizer Sales and Service Co., Inc., was founded by Marvin Collier in 1965 to take care of the needs of customers located in North and South Carolina. Mr. Collier, at that time, had over 15 years of expert experience in Sterilizers, Surgical Lights, Operating Room Tables and related equipment used in the hospital and laboratory/life science markets. Mr. Collier’s long-range view was to provide quality equipment and expert service to his customers and since 1965; Collier’s has presence in almost every medical facility any many life science facilities in the two Carolinas.


Collier’s continues to embrace new technology as it becomes available. Our business model is still based on philosophies that have meaning: INTEGRITY, HONESTY AND QUALITY. Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of our business both now and in the future.


Collier’s employee’s are always kept abreast of new products and services in order to ensure that all of our customers are provided with expert technical support and preventative maintenance programs. Collier’s invests in tools and equipment to ensure each and every project with be a successful installation.

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