Logiquip South Carolina

Logiquip South Carolina has the perfect solution for all your supply storage and space organization needs. It is one of the most reputable companies in the North American continent in the field of healthcare storage solutions.

Logiquip South Carolina has been a leader in the healthcare storage industry since 1992 with an unwavering focus on providing the best practical solutions in hospital storage, distribution and transportation systems with their uniquely designed high-quality products.

Benefits of using Logiquip South Carolina Products

Logiquip South Carolina products are available in a wide range of sizes and specifications with customization benefits. Made of high-grade hospital standard chrome steel, all their products will help your employees save time and labor in the course of their daily chores.

Logiquip South Carolina products should therefore be an integral part of your management’s plan to improve efficiency and reduce time in every sphere of the hospital.

Range of equipment

The mind-boggling range of Logiquip South Carolina products include different types of medical carts for storage and transportation of hospital supplies and medicines, cart accessories, reprocessing apparatus like adjustable workstations, instrument compilation stations, wash and sterilize carts, IV Stands, steel furniture and cabinetry, stainless steel scrub sinks, blanket and liquid warmers, Par Stor options for vertical storage of maximum goods within minimum space, wall units and wall mount accessories and other specialized products like narcotic cupboards, dunnage racks, cylinder transports, linen baskets, etc.

Additional Services

Logiquip South Carolina provides added services like expert assistance by their trained customer service team regarding space planning for every nook and corner of your hospital, on-site analysis involving all departmental heads, CAD design to help you visualize the proposed layout, recommendations regarding equipment positioning and free mock-up demos to your staff to explain storage concepts.

They will also customize products as per your requirements and allow a free trial period on their equipment prior to purchase.

Get the best returns on your investment

Contacting Logiquip South Carolina for hospital storage options allows you access to over 2000 products with which to refurbish your facilities or upgrade existing services. It will be a completely hassle-free experience for you as the company does everything from compiling an inventory of storage options you will require, providing competitive pricing, delivering and installing the equipment and guiding your staff on how to use it properly.

Moreover, in overcrowded hospitals, space is at a premium and by implementing unique storage products from Logiquip South Carolina, you effectively save every inch for better utilization of resources. Additionally, their specially designed storage facilities help to control the spread of infection and create a clean, hygienic environment in your hospital.

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Logiquip North Carolina

Hospitals are often overcrowded places with patients, doctors and staff jostling for space with bulky equipment, furniture and other items within a limited floor space. Maximize your available area by investing in excellent storage solutions from Logiquip North Carolina, which allows customization with wheels, added drawers, shelves and small niches to store different sized equipment and accessories in any area of your hospital and transport them easily.

Why Logiquip North Carolina?

User-friendly storage facilities from Logiquip North Carolina can influence the success or failure of your hospital or health center by making a huge impact on how you organize, implement and deliver healthcare service to your patients.

Logiquip uses years of expertise and a visionary approach to provide you with solutions for space management, inventory control, appliances handling, transportation and convenient stock access.

Trained and helpful company representatives advise you on acustomized approach for specific problems ranging from single transportation carts to comprehensive storage equipment.

Maximize available space

The right kind of storage facilities can help you to accommodate more patients within a limited space and nobody understands this better than Logiquip North Carolina. Their core philosophy is to save every inch of space available so that hospitals utilize their area to do what they are meant for: provide treatment to the most number of people instead of becoming storehouses for equipment.

Logiquip North Carolina products are designed for customization and optimization so that a storage cabinet for your operating room (OR) can be modified for use in the radiology department.

Reorganize your supply chain

Logiquip North Carolina products are designed to complement the latest supply chain organizational procedures that are being implemented in more and more hospitals. They are in fact an essential component of the entire store, supply, access and transport system, which help you to realize the full benefits of the streamlining and modernization procedures undertaken in your hospital.

Contain Infection

Your hospital will earn a bad name in no time if recovering patients are retained due to infections spread through unhygienic equipment. Logiquip North Carolina takes care of labor-intensive, time-consuming cleaning procedures by providing you with wire mesh baskets that don’t retain dirt or fragments of waste.
Available in hospital grade high quality chrome steel in every size and modulation, these storage options are suited to eliminate almost every possible source of infection.

A Single Destination for Healthcare Storage Requirements

Logiquip North Carolina is a one-stop solution for all your supply storage needs. They have Par Stor and Par Wall modules that dramatically increase your storage space, dolly carts with multiple racks in sturdy steel, stands with customized shelves to hold oversized apparatus, instrument compilation stations and specialty products like high-security drug cabinets and dunnage racks.


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South Carolina Hospital Storage

Hospitals are crowded places where thousands of sick patients intermingle daily with doctors, nurses and other staff. The chances of contamination and infection spreading are very high in such areas. Hospitals therefore need to be very careful about sterilizing and storing their expensive equipment and supplies along with medicines.

South Carolina hospital storage offers an extensive range of products and gadgets to help you store all your hospital supplies, apparatus and medicines in perfect hygienic conditions so that you can provide the best treatment to your patients.

Importance of South Carolina hospital storage facilities

Planned Storage: Adequate storage facilities allow you to organize all your delicate high-cost instruments, apparatus, supplies and medicines in an orderly way for easy access. Save on space by using compact storage facilities that allow you to accommodate more patients. Planned storage also provides a clean, uncluttered look to your hospital.

Hygiene: Clean apparatus, apparel and utensils should be a part of service of every reputable hospital and the right storage options help you to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.

Immediate Access: Adequate South Carolina hospital storage equipment allows you to store all your life-saving medications and treatment facilities in an organized, coded manner so that your staff waste no time in accessing the right equipment when starting emergency treatment.

Security: Hospitals are visited by thousands of patients daily and with so many people around, the security of your expensive equipments and medicines are a genuine cause of concern. Use proper South Carolina hospital storage options to secure your precious apparatus in a professional manner that blocks access to outsiders while allowing your staff to use them conveniently.

Storage Options

Use different South Carolina hospital storage facilities to store every kind of medical device and instruments to maximize space and to secure scope instruments in the radiology department.

Apparel storage facilities allow you to separately store sterilized and soiled apparels like gloves, gowns and masks.

Use sophisticated storage cabinets with high security devices in the pharmacy where your staff need to access and store controlled drugs safely so that they are not abused.
Conveniently manage all medical records that pile up over the years and create a cluttered look.

Hospital waste management is another area where you need specific storage areas for different categories of waste.

How to buy

Going online is your best chance of buying quality South Carolina Hospital Storage cabinets. Visit websites of reputable companies dealing in healthcare storage to get an idea of the options, pricing and other terms and conditions. Ask their representative to visit you for more details.

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North Carolina Hospital Storage Options

Your healthcare organization will function to its full capability only when the people who are working in it have effortless access to the supplies. North Carolina hospital storage solutions will facilitate in creating exactly this – a highly efficient, patient-centered facility. The storage options will allow your caregivers to reach for medical supplies and data in an instant, enabling them to attend to their patients immediately.

North Carolina Hospital Storage Facilities

The storage options include wire shelving that is available in multiple dimensions. You will get stainless steel carts for moving medical supplies and surgical equipment across your healthcare unit. These carts are available in single-door and multiple door models.

Your radiology department will benefit greatly from cassette carts for safe and proper storage of radiology images. The X-ray cabinets will be helpful in quick accessibility of /x-ray pictures.

The modular cabinets will let you combine several cabinets to create customized space solutions. The sturdy doors and locking facilities ensure security of your supplies. Keep your valuable files in an organized environment with chart dividers and manila folders.

Benefits Derived from Good Storage Options

Efficient storage options understand the particular warehousing needs of each client and satisfy them accordingly. These options are capable of ensuring protection to expensive and sensitive equipment, medicines and files from fire and theft.

When you choose North Carolina hospital storage, you will get highly efficient inventory management facilities. Apart from getting high quality procuring and delivery benefits, you will also receive a technologically advanced environment for evaluation and assembling of your equipment.

How to Identify a Good Hospital Storage Company

A competent North Carolina hospital storage company will take into account your unique space availability and present storage solutions accordingly. You will receive customized services for meeting all your storage needs. It will help in creating a seamlessly ordered and speedily accessible inventory so that your practitioners can deliver services to your patients with unfailing precision and promptness.

A good storage company promises durable, easy-to-maneuver and ergonomically compliant cabinets, wire shelving, mobile carts and filing solutions. It will have a research and development unit that ceaselessly brings out innovative and improved storage units for the healthcare industry.

When it comes to pricing, the company will offer you the most competitive rates for their cutting-edge technology while making optimum utility of the space that you have for storage purposes.

They will have excellent customer service that is always ready to handle your queries before and after you have become their clients. You will receive support for product assembly, installation, and after-sales services like maintenance and repair.

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About Stanley Innerspace Products

Stanley Innerspace has been delivering high-quality storage solutions to the healthcare industry since 1985. Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the company leads in providing technologically advanced and exacting storage facilities for every department in healthcare facilities across the world.

It combines profound knowledge of the clinical requirements and preferences with its formidable medical backdrop for keeping pace with the evolving needs of the medical world.

Products offered by Stanley Innerspace

The company offers complete solutions for the storage challenges that are faced by the healthcare industry today.

Supply procedure carts facilitate in mobile, customized and multifarious storage of medical supplies. The accessories used by these carts are interchangeable. Hence, storage space can be re-sized according to the space requirements.

These carts are highly suitable for cath labs, emergency and endoscopy departments. You can choose from triple wide full carts, half carts, full-size trolleys and endoscopy carts according to your needs.

Cabinets help in making maximum use of the space that is available. This storage equipment can be custom-configured to suit individual needs. The cabinets are available in metal as well as roll top models.

Highly efficient inventory management system is available through SpaceTRAX inventory management software. It utilizes bar coding for mitigating extra inventory, ensuring that every patient is charged for each item used in his case and consequently, removing the chances of inventory wastage.

How to Get its Products

You can place your order for its products by faxing or e-mailing your purchase order. Do not forget to include your billing information, fax number and other contact details. You will receive acknowledgment of your purchase order within 24 hours of making the order.

Written Quotes for Pricing and Payment

The company offers a written sales proposal after receiving the purchase order. The quoted prices stay valid for a period of 3 months. These charges exclude freight and handling prices.

An Efficient Customer Service

Stanley Innerspace endeavors to answer every query that casual visitors or existing customers pose. It provides a toll-free number that potential and existing clients can use to connect with customer representatives and have their doubts clarified.

The website of the company offers a literature library that features detailed descriptions of all its products and solutions.

You can contact the company to get on-site analysis of the space that you have and receive guidance on the right kind of storage solution that will be perfect for your needs. The company provides this service free-of-charge.

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Storage and Material Handling Equipment in South Carolina

Storage and material handling equipment includes all those options that cover storage, movement and disposal of the medical supplies in your healthcare facility. The numerous options available with storage and material handling South Carolina promotes organized storing and smooth accessibility of your medical supplies. These solutions are helpful for every department across the facility be it radiology, cardiology or endoscopy.

Equipment for Storage and Material Handling South Carolina

The storage and material handling equipment is essentially aimed at maximizing ease of accessibility while ensuring safe and secure accommodation of the supplies.

You will get pillboxes and vitamin organizers for eliminating mistakes that can happen in medicine intake. Similarly, planners will help in keeping track of past and future medications without leaving any room for lapses. Pill pouches, medicine bottle openers and medicine reminder clocks assist in foolproof handling of medication.

Medical record trolleys with locking facilities allow secure transportation of medical records from one room to another. You can get customized trolleys that are compatible with your space requirements.

With HTM71 compliant theater shelving equipment, the plastic trays can be stored in an efficient manner. You will find them in several sizes and dimensions that can conform to varied space needs.

How to Identify a Competent Storage and Material Handling Solutions Company

An efficient storage and material handling South Carolina firm will offer reliable solutions for all your needs. It will make sure that the equipment that it delivers makes maximum use of the space that you have. Additionally, it will make proper installation of all their products to your highest satisfaction.

The ideal company has years of experience in the field of storage handling. It has worked with numerous clients over the years and acquired a deep understanding of how to serve its customers in the most convincing manner. It tries consistently to evolve with the changing needs of the healthcare industry and provides advanced and innovative matching solutions.

Choose a company that offers on-site examination of your space specifications and provides you with quality advice and competent pricing on its equipment.

How to Find a Reliable Storage Company

You can search on the Internet for a reputedstorage and material handling South Carolina firm. You should collect the names of at least 4-5 companies and learn about their performances by visiting forums. Before hiring a company for your own project, get quotes and learn about the equipment that is available with each of the short-listed companies.

Compare their rates, experience in the business and feedback from their customers. Finally, hire the one that fits your requirements perfectly.

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All About Armstrong

Armstrong is one of the most reputed manufacturers of healthcare products, especially of floors, ceilings, suspension systems and cabinetry. Established in 1860, Armstrong is also one of the most experienced manufacturers in this field.

The company specializes in providing healthcare solutions with a wide range of flooring, ceiling and cabinetry options that are customized to suit corridors, intensive care units, operation theaters, labs, nurse stations, delivery rooms, patient rooms, pharmacies and every other section of a medical care facility.

The wide array of available flooring options

Armstrong offers one of the most comprehensive collections of hospital requirements. In all, the company offers 868 products that can exclusively be used for hospitals. With flooring options varying from linoleum, sheet, laminate, hardwood, LVT to ceramic, bio-based tiles and VCT, you can definitely find one to suit your requirements.

One of the highlights of Armstrong is sustainable floors. These floors are manufactured in line with environmental policies, and they help in improving the quality of indoor air by drastically reducing the amount of indoor contaminants resulting from the chemicals and adhesives used in flooring.

Ceilings and cabinetry from Armstrong

For ceilings, Armstrong specializes in acoustical ceilings and roof suspension systems, which find massive use in hospital interiors. The options range from mineral fiber, bioacoustic canopies, fiberglass, clouds, metal and wood ceilings, translucent materials and baffles to different kinds of alternate materials depending on the requirement of the healthcare facility. Cabinetry is manufactured using high quality materials that last long and offer a high level of functionality.

Making healthcare infrastructure safer

The high quality healthcare products that are manufactured by Armstrong last through the most demanding and the toughest hospital conditions. The demands of different spaces in hospitals are different and in keeping with these demands, Armstrong manufactures products that are highly sustainable and are time tested to provide high performance.

The products meet all demands of healthcare environments. The company also offers technological products such as Medintech that are manufactured especially for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

High quality that is affordable

Another feather in the cap for Armstrong is affordability. The products manufactured by Armstrong are made to be affordable, without making the least bit of compromise on quality. The brand is reliable and friendly on the pocket as well, which makes it one of the foremost choices for healthcare needs.

Armstrong products can be the solution to all healthcare flooring, ceiling and cabinetry needs. The company keeps options open for customized designs.

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Inventory Solutions South Carolina for Healthcare

The inventory in a medical center is one of its most important elements and the working efficiency of the hospital usually depends on how well the inventory is organized and managed. It usually includes stocks of pharmaceutical drugs, medical equipment, hospital linen and many other things.

Most of the equipment is sterilized so inventory solutions South Carolina need to be in a manner that does not cause contamination of the sterilized goods. Many medical inventories have cold storage facilities that require different kinds of storage solutions such as cabinets, carts of different shapes and sizes, drawers, hangers, heavy duty storage and open storage spaces.

Inventory management sometimes includes distribution and transport of goods without causing contamination. There are a lot of aspects involved in inventory solutions South Carolina, which can be addressed by choosing the best company that provides inventory solutions.

Customized solutions are easily available

The best way to plan inventory solutions South Carolina is to take the available space into account. This provides scope to make the best use of available space by creating custom-made inventory solutions as per the precise room dimensions.

Multipurpose and modular solutions can save space and offer maximum storage capability. There are a lot of companies that offer customized inventory solutions South Carolina. Hiring an efficient company for the job can be highly advantageous.

Why choose inventory solutions South Carolina?

The right kind of space planning by utilizing the best inventory solutions provides multiple benefits for a hospital. To begin with, the hospital can make optimum utilization of space. Secondly, the medical staff has easy and quick access to different medical supplies because they are all well organized.

Thirdly, the operational costs are reduced because more can be accommodated in a smaller amount of space. Fourthly, it is easier for the cleaning and maintenance staff to keep the hospital highly functional. Also, when stored in the right manner, the durability of equipment remains high and they work with undiminished efficiency over a longer period of time.

In a nutshell, by including inventory solutions, hospitals can maximize the available facilities and minimize expenses. Hospitals must make an initiative and go for inventory solutions South Carolina so that overall working efficiency of the hospital is increased.

Inventory solutions South Carolina include not just storage considerations but security arrangements as well. Effective locking systems, alarm systems and other safety measures can go a long way in ensuring that the goods are maintained safely and securely over a prolonged duration, thus reducing recurring expenses related to repair and loss of inventory goods.

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How to Choose Space Planners for Your Hospital

Medical facilities always require effective and multipurpose storage solutions that can help them store a maximum number of things in a minimum amount of space. In order to achieve this kind of optimal space utilization, medical facilities should hire efficient space planners.

Many of these companies not only supply the most appropriate tailor-made storage solutions but also help in designing the space in a manner that can aid in maximum utilization. However, this objective can only be met when you hire the best space planners. Here are a few pointers that you can look out for when choosing one such service.

Experience of the service

Experience is important because there are a lot of practical glitches that crop up when planning storage space in hospitals. A company that is experienced can help solve such problems and not cause delay because of them. Your work is done on time and the entire storage aspect of the hospital is taken care of.

The kind of experience

The kind of experience space planners have makes them equipped to deal with specialty hospitals. For example, a cardiac center has special requirements that are not necessarily essential for a maternity hospital.

Furthermore, even within a hospital, different facilities such as cath labs, testing centers, drug storage, cold storage and operation theaters require different kinds of storage spaces.

Different storage spaces such as cabinets, carts, casework and heavy duty storage need to be planned. Space planners who have experience in planning specific kinds of hospitals are more beneficial as they understand these requirements better.

Efficiency of work and client interaction

The best space planners are those who provide prompt and effective customer service. As a customer, you should be able to communicate with the space planner at any time during the course of work.

The planner should be open to discussions, should understand precisely what you require and plan the space keeping future expansion plans in mind. Regular accessibility between the planner and client is extremely important.

The range of products available

One of the other aspects that you should consider is whether the space planner offers a wide range of storage solutions to choose from. Since every hospital has its own storage requirements based on the facilities that it provides, space planners should house a good range of storage solutions. It is best to choose a company that offers custom-made storage.


The final aspect when choosing one among the many space planners is cost. You should choose the best service that can be accommodated into your budget rather than choosing the cheapest available option.

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High Density Storage – An Overview

In the healthcare industry, the efficiency of the storage system can mean the difference between life and death. In light of this, it is imperative to ensure that the medical staff has fast and easy access to all the medical equipment that they might require. Many things have to be taken into consideration when designing a storage system.

The location of the storage room(s) and the kind of equipments stored in this/these room(s) must be taken into account. One of the better ways to store is with high density storage. Besides storing a lot of equipment in a single space for easy accessibility, a lot of expensive floor space is saved that can then be put to other uses.

Benefits of high density storage

­There are several benefits in utilizing a high density storage strategy. Firstly, your efficiency increases by leaps and bounds. You can position more supplies near where they are needed the most. This will really help in moving supplies from storage to operating rooms during critical times such as a natural catastrophe when you may have a huge inflow of victims.

High density storage also frees up floor space that can be used for other purposes. If your supplies are stored in a spread out manner, it will take a longer for medical staff to find the supplies they need.

With good cataloging of equipment in high density storage, the required supplies can be found much more quickly. Freeing up all that floor space will also increase the mobility of medical staff that can now move supplies to the operating room more quickly.

Types of storage solutions

High density storage systems are built in such a fashion so as to save as much of the available space without compromising on the accessibility or degradation of quality of the inventory. By using intelligent storage systems, you can store up to 100% more equipment in a given space. You can also save more than 50% more floor space.

Many intelligent systems also provide added security for stored equipment. These storage systems can be powered, mechanically-assisted or manual depending on your needs. There are several ways to design an effective high density storage system.


Shelving involves storing equipment in a number of huge racks that are designed to be integrated with the rest of the structure. This helps to streamline the accessibility of inventory. These are built to accommodate inventory of different weights that can be arranged in an optimal manner so as to reduce clutter.

Mobile shelving

Fixed aisles occupy a lot of non-productive space. To utilize this space as and when needed, mobile storage involves the inventory being stored in racks that are themselves a part of an integral structure mounted on wheels that move on rails.

This way, an entire storage structure can be repositioned as and when needed thus further increasing efficiency and improving the utilization of floor space.

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