How to Choose Space Planners for Your Hospital

Medical facilities always require effective and multipurpose storage solutions that can help them store a maximum number of things in a minimum amount of space. In order to achieve this kind of optimal space utilization, medical facilities should hire efficient space planners.

Many of these companies not only supply the most appropriate tailor-made storage solutions but also help in designing the space in a manner that can aid in maximum utilization. However, this objective can only be met when you hire the best space planners. Here are a few pointers that you can look out for when choosing one such service.

Experience of the service

Experience is important because there are a lot of practical glitches that crop up when planning storage space in hospitals. A company that is experienced can help solve such problems and not cause delay because of them. Your work is done on time and the entire storage aspect of the hospital is taken care of.

The kind of experience

The kind of experience space planners have makes them equipped to deal with specialty hospitals. For example, a cardiac center has special requirements that are not necessarily essential for a maternity hospital.

Furthermore, even within a hospital, different facilities such as cath labs, testing centers, drug storage, cold storage and operation theaters require different kinds of storage spaces.

Different storage spaces such as cabinets, carts, casework and heavy duty storage need to be planned. Space planners who have experience in planning specific kinds of hospitals are more beneficial as they understand these requirements better.

Efficiency of work and client interaction

The best space planners are those who provide prompt and effective customer service. As a customer, you should be able to communicate with the space planner at any time during the course of work.

The planner should be open to discussions, should understand precisely what you require and plan the space keeping future expansion plans in mind. Regular accessibility between the planner and client is extremely important.

The range of products available

One of the other aspects that you should consider is whether the space planner offers a wide range of storage solutions to choose from. Since every hospital has its own storage requirements based on the facilities that it provides, space planners should house a good range of storage solutions. It is best to choose a company that offers custom-made storage.


The final aspect when choosing one among the many space planners is cost. You should choose the best service that can be accommodated into your budget rather than choosing the cheapest available option.

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