All About Armstrong

Armstrong is one of the most reputed manufacturers of healthcare products, especially of floors, ceilings, suspension systems and cabinetry. Established in 1860, Armstrong is also one of the most experienced manufacturers in this field.

The company specializes in providing healthcare solutions with a wide range of flooring, ceiling and cabinetry options that are customized to suit corridors, intensive care units, operation theaters, labs, nurse stations, delivery rooms, patient rooms, pharmacies and every other section of a medical care facility.

The wide array of available flooring options

Armstrong offers one of the most comprehensive collections of hospital requirements. In all, the company offers 868 products that can exclusively be used for hospitals. With flooring options varying from linoleum, sheet, laminate, hardwood, LVT to ceramic, bio-based tiles and VCT, you can definitely find one to suit your requirements.

One of the highlights of Armstrong is sustainable floors. These floors are manufactured in line with environmental policies, and they help in improving the quality of indoor air by drastically reducing the amount of indoor contaminants resulting from the chemicals and adhesives used in flooring.

Ceilings and cabinetry from Armstrong

For ceilings, Armstrong specializes in acoustical ceilings and roof suspension systems, which find massive use in hospital interiors. The options range from mineral fiber, bioacoustic canopies, fiberglass, clouds, metal and wood ceilings, translucent materials and baffles to different kinds of alternate materials depending on the requirement of the healthcare facility. Cabinetry is manufactured using high quality materials that last long and offer a high level of functionality.

Making healthcare infrastructure safer

The high quality healthcare products that are manufactured by Armstrong last through the most demanding and the toughest hospital conditions. The demands of different spaces in hospitals are different and in keeping with these demands, Armstrong manufactures products that are highly sustainable and are time tested to provide high performance.

The products meet all demands of healthcare environments. The company also offers technological products such as Medintech that are manufactured especially for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

High quality that is affordable

Another feather in the cap for Armstrong is affordability. The products manufactured by Armstrong are made to be affordable, without making the least bit of compromise on quality. The brand is reliable and friendly on the pocket as well, which makes it one of the foremost choices for healthcare needs.

Armstrong products can be the solution to all healthcare flooring, ceiling and cabinetry needs. The company keeps options open for customized designs.

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