About Stanley Innerspace Products

Stanley Innerspace has been delivering high-quality storage solutions to the healthcare industry since 1985. Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the company leads in providing technologically advanced and exacting storage facilities for every department in healthcare facilities across the world.

It combines profound knowledge of the clinical requirements and preferences with its formidable medical backdrop for keeping pace with the evolving needs of the medical world.

Products offered by Stanley Innerspace

The company offers complete solutions for the storage challenges that are faced by the healthcare industry today.

Supply procedure carts facilitate in mobile, customized and multifarious storage of medical supplies. The accessories used by these carts are interchangeable. Hence, storage space can be re-sized according to the space requirements.

These carts are highly suitable for cath labs, emergency and endoscopy departments. You can choose from triple wide full carts, half carts, full-size trolleys and endoscopy carts according to your needs.

Cabinets help in making maximum use of the space that is available. This storage equipment can be custom-configured to suit individual needs. The cabinets are available in metal as well as roll top models.

Highly efficient inventory management system is available through SpaceTRAX inventory management software. It utilizes bar coding for mitigating extra inventory, ensuring that every patient is charged for each item used in his case and consequently, removing the chances of inventory wastage.

How to Get its Products

You can place your order for its products by faxing or e-mailing your purchase order. Do not forget to include your billing information, fax number and other contact details. You will receive acknowledgment of your purchase order within 24 hours of making the order.

Written Quotes for Pricing and Payment

The company offers a written sales proposal after receiving the purchase order. The quoted prices stay valid for a period of 3 months. These charges exclude freight and handling prices.

An Efficient Customer Service

Stanley Innerspace endeavors to answer every query that casual visitors or existing customers pose. It provides a toll-free number that potential and existing clients can use to connect with customer representatives and have their doubts clarified.

The website of the company offers a literature library that features detailed descriptions of all its products and solutions.

You can contact the company to get on-site analysis of the space that you have and receive guidance on the right kind of storage solution that will be perfect for your needs. The company provides this service free-of-charge.

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