Logiquip North Carolina

Hospitals are often overcrowded places with patients, doctors and staff jostling for space with bulky equipment, furniture and other items within a limited floor space. Maximize your available area by investing in excellent storage solutions from Logiquip North Carolina, which allows customization with wheels, added drawers, shelves and small niches to store different sized equipment and accessories in any area of your hospital and transport them easily.

Why Logiquip North Carolina?

User-friendly storage facilities from Logiquip North Carolina can influence the success or failure of your hospital or health center by making a huge impact on how you organize, implement and deliver healthcare service to your patients.

Logiquip uses years of expertise and a visionary approach to provide you with solutions for space management, inventory control, appliances handling, transportation and convenient stock access.

Trained and helpful company representatives advise you on acustomized approach for specific problems ranging from single transportation carts to comprehensive storage equipment.

Maximize available space

The right kind of storage facilities can help you to accommodate more patients within a limited space and nobody understands this better than Logiquip North Carolina. Their core philosophy is to save every inch of space available so that hospitals utilize their area to do what they are meant for: provide treatment to the most number of people instead of becoming storehouses for equipment.

Logiquip North Carolina products are designed for customization and optimization so that a storage cabinet for your operating room (OR) can be modified for use in the radiology department.

Reorganize your supply chain

Logiquip North Carolina products are designed to complement the latest supply chain organizational procedures that are being implemented in more and more hospitals. They are in fact an essential component of the entire store, supply, access and transport system, which help you to realize the full benefits of the streamlining and modernization procedures undertaken in your hospital.

Contain Infection

Your hospital will earn a bad name in no time if recovering patients are retained due to infections spread through unhygienic equipment. Logiquip North Carolina takes care of labor-intensive, time-consuming cleaning procedures by providing you with wire mesh baskets that don’t retain dirt or fragments of waste.
Available in hospital grade high quality chrome steel in every size and modulation, these storage options are suited to eliminate almost every possible source of infection.

A Single Destination for Healthcare Storage Requirements

Logiquip North Carolina is a one-stop solution for all your supply storage needs. They have Par Stor and Par Wall modules that dramatically increase your storage space, dolly carts with multiple racks in sturdy steel, stands with customized shelves to hold oversized apparatus, instrument compilation stations and specialty products like high-security drug cabinets and dunnage racks.


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