Logiquip South Carolina

Logiquip South Carolina has the perfect solution for all your supply storage and space organization needs. It is one of the most reputable companies in the North American continent in the field of healthcare storage solutions.

Logiquip South Carolina has been a leader in the healthcare storage industry since 1992 with an unwavering focus on providing the best practical solutions in hospital storage, distribution and transportation systems with their uniquely designed high-quality products.

Benefits of using Logiquip South Carolina Products

Logiquip South Carolina products are available in a wide range of sizes and specifications with customization benefits. Made of high-grade hospital standard chrome steel, all their products will help your employees save time and labor in the course of their daily chores.

Logiquip South Carolina products should therefore be an integral part of your management’s plan to improve efficiency and reduce time in every sphere of the hospital.

Range of equipment

The mind-boggling range of Logiquip South Carolina products include different types of medical carts for storage and transportation of hospital supplies and medicines, cart accessories, reprocessing apparatus like adjustable workstations, instrument compilation stations, wash and sterilize carts, IV Stands, steel furniture and cabinetry, stainless steel scrub sinks, blanket and liquid warmers, Par Stor options for vertical storage of maximum goods within minimum space, wall units and wall mount accessories and other specialized products like narcotic cupboards, dunnage racks, cylinder transports, linen baskets, etc.

Additional Services

Logiquip South Carolina provides added services like expert assistance by their trained customer service team regarding space planning for every nook and corner of your hospital, on-site analysis involving all departmental heads, CAD design to help you visualize the proposed layout, recommendations regarding equipment positioning and free mock-up demos to your staff to explain storage concepts.

They will also customize products as per your requirements and allow a free trial period on their equipment prior to purchase.

Get the best returns on your investment

Contacting Logiquip South Carolina for hospital storage options allows you access to over 2000 products with which to refurbish your facilities or upgrade existing services. It will be a completely hassle-free experience for you as the company does everything from compiling an inventory of storage options you will require, providing competitive pricing, delivering and installing the equipment and guiding your staff on how to use it properly.

Moreover, in overcrowded hospitals, space is at a premium and by implementing unique storage products from Logiquip South Carolina, you effectively save every inch for better utilization of resources. Additionally, their specially designed storage facilities help to control the spread of infection and create a clean, hygienic environment in your hospital.

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