Space Solutions South Carolina

With the growing volume of patients, many hospitals are faced with the regular dilemma of accommodating more patients and facilities within the limited space. Faulty space planning can lead to under-utilization of resources while correct and professional planning by space solutions South Carolina will allow a hospital to introduce new departments and create room for more patients, thereby making it both economically viable and socially useful for the local community.

Proper space planning by space solutions South Carolina for existing hospital

Many existing hospitals and health care centers operate out of outdated structures which are ill-equipped to house modern diagnostic facilities or the growing volume of patients and staff. They have to cope with old and inefficient layout of departments, cramped spaces and inadequate accommodation facilities for their new recruits.

Space solutions South Carolina can help the administrative body of such hospitals decide how to upgrade their facilities within the available space or whether to relocate to a new facility.

Upcoming project benefit by hiring space solutions South Carolina

New and upcoming hospitals also require professional advice when planning the layout of their prospective buildings in order to incorporate the aspirations of the modern and dynamic healthcare industry.

Space solutions South Carolina can provide such forthcoming projects with valuable planning tips on how to organize their facilities in accordance to the latest industry standards.

Professionals at space solutions South Carolina design the most efficient layout of the interior of the hospital to make the best of the available space and also to make provisions for future expansions or inclusion of facilities.

Benefits of hiring space solutions South Carolina

Proper space planning by professional space solutions South Carolina guide you on how to replace existing departments with modern and more efficient structures that are patient-friendly and allow for optimal utilization of staff strength, storage space, open zones and treatment areas.

• Consult space solutions South Carolina for assistance in planning your emergency treatment facilities and separate ambulance care areas.

• Detailed planning by space solutions South Carolina will give you an idea about the space layout in specific rooms in exact square feet keeping in mind the functional specification of each area.

• Space planners from space solutions South Carolina have a unique approach of designing your space layout keeping in mind the fixed areas (space that cannot expanded in size regardless of activities conducted) and variable areas dependent on typical functions.

• Proper space planning with the help of space solutions South Carolina can help you to improve the financial health of your hospital through efficient utilization of existing resources.

• Efficient design of space planning by space solutions South Carolina allows you to provide optimal care and treatment facilities to your patients thereby increasing the goodwill and profit of your hospital.

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Scope Cabinets – An Overview

Endoscopic instruments are expensive investments for any hospital or health center. It is vital to store these delicate instruments properly so that they deliver the most accurate results when used on your patients.

You should invest in good quality scope cabinets to store these precision equipments safely and properly so as to avoid any damage to them that can affect their efficiency.

Uses for Scope Cabinets

It is difficult to safely store sophisticated endoscopic apparatus that are regularly used to treat patients in a hospital. Scope cabinets are an innovative solution to this problem.

A compactly designed scope cabinet allows you to store multiple scope apparatus in a limited space without compromising their safety. The various scope instruments can be arranged and stored in an orderly manner for easy access by the staff.

Features of Scope Cabinets

The cabinets are built of sturdy material with strong doors, protective vinyl coating, specially customized shelves to store different scope apparatus and rubber panels to offer maximum security for your endoscopic apparatus.

The cabinets come with air vents to prevent dampness and odor inside when the doors are shut for prolonged periods and detachable trays for convenient cleaning.

Types of Scope Cabinets

Scope cabinets are used to store all types of scope instruments required in a health center. You can use scope cabinets to store all your scopes like TEE probes, colonoscopes, bronchoscopes, EUS probes or cystocopes. Scope cabinets are available in different sizes for easy storage of all types of scopes.

There are pass-through scope cabinets too that have separate sections for storing clean and used scopes.

These are ideal to save your staff’s time as they don’t have to shuffle between cabinets and carts to store clean and used scope apparatus separately. They can easily store clean scopes in one section and used ones in the other section.

Benefits of Scope Cabinets

Scope cabinets allow you to store all your scope equipment in one place so that you staff can access them instantly anytime. They provide a means of storing all your scope instruments safely and efficiently.

Storing clean and sterilized scope apparatus in these cabinets reduces any chance of contamination. Being sturdy with adequate protective padding, scope cabinets prevent any accidental damage to expensive instruments.

You, therefore, save a substantial amount on their frequent repairs. Separate storage sections in scope cabinets also offer easy identification between clean and used apparatus.

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Utensil Wash Carts – An Overview

Statistics show that in the US, more people die of infections acquired at hospitals and health centers than due to road accidents. To tackle this menace, heath care facilities are looking to incorporate equipment that aids in maintaining a clean, hygienic and sterile environment for patients and staff.

Utensil wash carts are one such indispensable apparatus that guarantees complete wash of hospital laundries and apparatus in order to achieve a 0% infection rate.

What are Utensil Wash Carts?

Utensil wash carts are mechanized cleaning equipment that help you to reduce contamination in hospital items to make them safe for use. These are large stainless steel heavy duty washer dryers intended for use in hospitals and health centers to clean, dry and sanitize surgical equipment, garments, different types of hospital carts and other apparatus used regularly when treating patients.

Benefits of utensil wash carts

Sturdy utensil wash carts are a long-term investment for you. They play a vital role in reducing the occurrence of infection in the hospital. These carts wash and clean all your hospital equipment and other carts thoroughly, thereby ensuring complete sanitation.

Wash carts are an ideal combination of efficient cleaning, fast operation cycle and advanced controls to clean the most equipment, laundry and hospital supplies in the least possible time.


Made of stainless steel, utensil wash carts are a complete solution for all your cleaning requirements. These have vinyl coated racks that are rust-proof for longer durability, smooth swivel casters for easy transportation and wire racks made of stainless steel to hold all your instruments and equipment.

The utensil wash carts have a capacity of holding several containers and can be operated by a single staff member to save time and labor.

They use a revolving nozzle with high pressure cleaning that removes all stains and dried dirt from the equipment being cleaned. The flat floor allows you to smoothly load and unload overloaded trolleys and other carts.  The utensil wash carts are available with multiple racks and steel casters that can be cleaned easily.


Many utensil wash carts have an automated loading and unloading system than further reduces your labor cost and time. According to available statistics, almost seventy percent of the cost toward a wash cycle is taken up by expenses on staff.

An automated washing and disinfecting system allows your staff to utilize their time for other important areas, thereby maximizing available resources and cutting costs. You can incorporate accessories according to your requirements to get the kind of automated functions you require.

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Medical Carts – An Overview

Medical carts are some of the most basic and functional equipment in any medical facility. These carts come in various sizes and shapes in order to suit various requirements of different medical storage needs. Autoclave carts are some of the commonly used carts in hospitals.

These are custom built carts designed to carry an autoclave so that instruments can be sterilized conveniently. Since the demands of different hospitals with regard to storage are different, several manufacturers offer customized autoclave carts that can also act a multifunctional storage solutions.

Autoclave carts or other kinds of medical carts are extensively used in cath labs, endoscopy departments, operating rooms, radiology, IR departments and emergency departments. Small sized medical carts are used as suture carts, assault carts, casting carts, laceration carts and general exam room carts to name a few.

Desirable features in medical and autoclave carts

The most desirable feature is, of course, easy and convenient portability. In addition, autoclave carts should be adaptable and should offer versatile storage options. Storage configurations should allow you to store more in less space, causing the least amount of damage to stored equipment or devices.

Accessories can be an asset in medical carts. Special accessories to hang wires, catheters, bottles and other such accessories can substantially increase the functionality of a medical cart. Some carts come with built-in accessories while for others separate accessories are available.

Another very desirable aspect of autoclave carts is flexibility and easy storage. Collapsible carts are available for this purpose. They provide heightened convenience in terms of storage. These kinds of autoclave carts can be custom built as well.

Different kinds of medical carts

Carts can also be used as personal workstations. They come with different components such as baskets, cells, trays and drawers. The different kinds of carts available are cell system carts, drawer carts, cell system carts and tray trolleys to name a few varieties. Cart models are also available with corner posts and integral brackets.

These additions create flexibility to the cart because they allow easy attachment of side mounted and top mounted accessories. You can also choose among full size trolleys, wide full carts, half carts, endoscopy carts and different specialty carts meant for different purposes.

Most of the autoclave carts are made of stainless steel because such carts are durable, resistant to moisture and corrosion-free.

Medical carts are necessary in all health care facilities. However, by giving some thought to the different kinds of carts that are available on the market, hospitals can get carts that are suitable for their precise needs and are multifunctional. Such carts offer good return of investment as well.


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Cath Lab – An Overview

A cath labor catheterization laboratory is a place where catheterization equipment related to the catheterization process is stored. The laboratory is a very sophisticated room requiring excellent management of space in order to accommodate the various devices and imaging equipment required to perform the catheterization process.

The process involves inserting a catheter into an artery so that other devices and wires can be inserted into the body through it for various medical treatments and testing. Because of this, a number of storage spaces have to be accommodated in the room.

Making the best utilization of space in a cath lab

The inner design of a cath lab is crucial in order to make space for all the required equipment and to increase the functionality of the room. A lot of organization is necessary. In this regard, specially designed totes, baskets, shelves and other storage spaces are included in the room. Several storage equipment manufactures provide customized solutions.

IR storage solutions offered by different companies work to the benefit of hospitals and medical services.

Some of the storage solutions that are highly useful in a cath lab are supply carts, procedure carts, caseworks of different sizes, cabinets, small carts and a wide range of open storage solutions. Inventory management equipment also helps in making good utilization of cath lab space.

Type of construction

A lot of interior construction in a cath lab, especially with storage spaces, is done out of stainless steel. Laminated cabinetry or stainless steel cabinetry provide ease of maintenance and are suitable for storage of a wider range of equipment. Mobile carts and stainless steel cell storage systems are some used in these labs.

One of the prerequisites of a cath lab is a catheter hanger. This make it easy to store the catheter in a safe manner. A number of modular constructions for storage spaces are available. They can be used by hospitals with a cath lab and for IP storage for convenience and enhanced functionality.

Increasing importance of cath lab and IR storage

Until a few years age, cath labs were used for basic tests such as blood flow study and to study heart pressure. However, in recent times, cath labs are used for more complicated coronary tests requiring more sophisticated instruments. X-ray imaging and other tests need to be performed in cath labs.

When it is not possible to expand cath labs to make them bigger in size, the functionality of rooms can be increased by increasing storage space. This is one of the reasons why there is so much of demand for cath lab and IR storage in medical facilities.

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Sterile Processing and Supply Storage – An Overview

One of the most important aspects of any health care center is maintaining equipment in the most sanitized and hygienic manner. Simple washing is often not enough to clean equipment used in medical care. Sterilization is of vital importance.

A lot also depends on storage of the sterilized equipment. In this regard, there are a lot of hi-tech storage processes that have been devised in order to maintain the highest degree of hygiene. In most health care centers, specialized sterile processing & supply storage departments are formulated.

As the demand for sterilization increased, separate agencies came up in order to cater to these demands. These sterile processing & supply storage agencies provide centralized services to various health care units in a region.

What does sterile processing and supply storage entail?

The entire process of sterile processing & supply storage can be categorized into four kinds of operations – decontamination, sterile processing, storing the sterilized goods and finally distribution. Each of these functions involves a lot of technicalities.

Beginning with the decontamination process which involves collection of used equipment from various medical facilities, sorting goods as per regulations, washing the goods and finally inspection, sterile processing and supply storage involves different ways of sterilization and quality assurance.

Once the goods undergo the sterilization process, they are packed in a manner that does not lead to re-contamination. They are then distributed to various places where the goods are required.


Storage is a very important aspect of sterile processing & storage supply.  Separate decontaminated storage rooms are allotted for this purpose. A lot of planning goes into creating a room for storage. While it is important to see that the highest degree of sanitation is maintained in the room, it is also important to look at the functional part.

Storage areas have to be created in a manner that aids maximum utilization of space in the room. Storage spaces such as basket carts, track systems, wire shelving, case carts and other more sophisticated cabinets are designed to store sterilized goods in the best possible manner.

Storage containers used for sterile processing & storage supply are of different kinds and are selected based on the requirement of the sterilized good. Bags made of different kinds of textiles, plastic containers, wood cartons, non-woven covers and pouch packaging are different kinds of storage containers used for the purpose.


The last step in the process is distribution to hospitals in different parts of the city. Goods are transported in special vehicles that are designed for this purpose.

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Storage for Surgical Services – An Overview

Every once in a while, doctors, clinics and hospitals spend a huge amount of money for buying expensive machines to be used for medical purposes. These machines increase the chances of success in treating a patient.

However, because of the exorbitant cost of these instruments and machines, it becomes necessary to take all possible precautions to extend their life as much as possible. Proper surgical services storage is critical in ensuring the success rate of surgeries. The equipment must be accessible and sterile. Discussed below are aspects to consider.


One of the first things to consider when planning for surgical services storage is the accessibility of the equipment and also the mobility of the doctors and nurses using that equipment. Reducing the amount of time it takes to find a particular item and make it ready for use can mean an increase in the success rate during critical surgeries.

Sterile equipment

It is also important that the stored equipment remains sterile and does not get contaminated in any way. While designing the surgical suite and the storage, it is prudent to make sure that there should not be any unrelated traffic to the suite.

There should not be any cross traffic between the flow of contaminated/soiled equipment/items out of the suite and fresh equipment/items into the suite. Special care should be taken while handling sterile equipment too. Operating rooms are generally grouped around a clean core.

The clean core is the cleanest area of the entire operating suite. This clean core is utilized for surgical services storage. Operating rooms are a part of this core too. Only authorized personal wearing special equipment like a hair net, face mask, surgical gown and sterile gloves should be allowed to enter this core.


As already mentioned before, increasing access to equipment can help save somebody’s life. The location of the surgical services storage rooms is as important a factor as any. The storage rooms need to be close to the operating theaters. They may even be in the operating theater itself for storing critical supplies such as catheters and surgical instruments.

Surgical Services Storage in the Operating Room

Surgical services storage in the operating theater increases the visibility and accessibility of these equipments. Glass or Plexiglas doors keep the equipment free of dust. Cataloging and labeling the equipment can help you to quickly identify what you need. Pullout racks help to increase the efficiency and productivity of anyone working in the room by improving storage capabilities. This ease of access becomes very important during surgeries when every moment counts.

Surgical Services Storage in Service Core

You can also have the surgical services storage in a service core. These are big rooms where most of the equipment is stored. There are several parameters that need to considered when deciding the location of this service core in relation to the operating rooms and patient/staff corridor.

Firstly, you need to ensure that patients and other unauthorized people do not have access to the service core.

Secondly, the service core(s) needs to be easily accessible from the operating rooms. You may only have one primary service core or you may have multiple service cores spread throughout the operating suite. Whatever be the case, the design depends on the strategy you want to use to increase the efficiency of the surgical services storage.

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Benefits of Hiring Equipment Planners

Opting for medical equipment planning facilitates the design team to utilize the available space optimally. Hence, hiring the services of an equipment planner at the early stage of facility construction helps in addressing the particular equipment needs in different rooms of the facility. Read on to find out how equipment planners can help you design and expand your facility with the greatest precision at the lowest costs.

 Avoid Duplication and Omission Issues

The equipment planner coordinates with different members of the healthcare administration team. Acting as the central point of information, he offers his invaluable advice to the team members. Additionally, he receives updates about the developments on aspects like budgeting and procurement.

Since the planner is familiar with the steps taken by all the team members, he is capable of preventing duplication of tasks and taking care of accidental omissions of important steps.

Get the Best Pricing from the Best Vendors for the Latest Technology

The equipment planners are focused professionals who have spent years in dealing with equipment planning projects. They have a lot of experience in working with different manufacturers and clients over the years. This equips them with an unmatchable perception for identifying competent vendors and cutting-edge equipment for your project.

They have a huge collection of data on pricing, which makes them capable of procuring the most cost-effective equipment for your organization.

Get Architectural Design that is Supportive of the Equipment

The equipment that you need for your site influences the architectural design. Theequipment planners possess the distinctive knowledge about the mechanical and plumbing needs of your medical equipment. They work in tandem with the architects storage and the design team to align the construction with the requirement of the machines. The planners ensure that the equipment can function to its full potential and provide optimal benefits to your patients.

Have the Existing Equipment Assessed by the Equipment Planners

When you are expanding your current facility, hiring an equipment planning service will help you in determining the status of your present equipment. The equipment planners will evaluate the performance of these machines and prepare a report.

This knowledge will let you establish if the present equipment is delivering quality performance, what other equipment you need and whether you should make any changes in the methods of procurement of fresh equipment.

Have All Equipment-Related Matters Addressed Professionally

The equipment planning service will serve you in determining your equipment needs, planning, budgeting, procurement of the equipment, handling its delivery and installation. The equipment planners will take care of the storage aspects of different departments by coordinating with the architects storage. They will lend sophistication and expertise in choosing the best equipment for your patients.


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North Carolina and South Carolina Storage Experts

How well you store your medical supplies and equipment determines greatly the quality and standard that you offer to your patients. Your healthcare facility will not perform to its optimal capacity if your physicians and practitioners are not able to access supplies conveniently. That is why it is important that you hire North Carolina and South Carolina Storage Experts for your facility.

Utility of North Carolina and South Carolina Storage Experts

The medical storage experts of North and South Carolina will facilitate the construction of the most suitable storage solutions for you. They adhere to the needs of the clients and offer customized storage solutions keeping in mind space as well as financial specifications.

The North Carolina and South Carolina Storage Experts will send their sales personnel to take the measurements of your site. This step ensures providing you with well-fitting storage solutions for your medical supplies.

You will receive full quotes that outline the layouts and particulars of your rooms, drawings made with CAD, dimensions, special requirements and locations where you want to keep your supplies. You will be able to envisage your final setup with the help of their high-quality designing services.

How to Identify the Best Storage Experts

North Carolina and South Carolina Storage Experts hold the key to providing you with the most convenient storage solutions for your healthcare facility. Hence, you need to choose the one for your projects that will make sure that you give the best services to your patients and that your physicians and surgeons are able to work very efficiently.

Your storage expert should provide storage options that are durable and highly efficient. The company should be able to optimize your space to give you maximum storage facilities. It should be capable of lending you great services at the prices that you can afford.

A good storage expert does not believe in customized pricing. Instead, they have transparent pricing that does not vary from client to client.

Choose Colliers Medical for All Your Storage Needs

When you need a reliable storage expert for your organization, Colliers Medical stands out amidst the North Carolina and South Carolina Storage Experts. The company has been in the service of providing storage facilities since 1965. Their long experience in the business makes them experts in understanding the profound healthcare storage requirements.

They will help you in designing and planning through their CAD designs and exact room layouts. All their products are tested by professionals before they are delivered to their clients.

They have certified trained professionals for making error-free installations and providing maximum convenience to their clients. They have collaborated with the best companies for surgical tables and sterilizers.


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Pediatric Carts – An Overview

Pediatric carts are used in children’s hospitals and health centers to store resuscitation equipments in an orderly manner so as to deliver comprehensive care in the shortest time in case of emergency situations involving children and babies. Generally, these carts (also known as pediatric resuscitation carts) have multiple drawers in which you can store emergency medical equipment.

Features of pediatric carts

In pediatric resuscitation carts, drawers are segmented and color-coded according to their contents; for example drawers storing recovery medicines, drawers for intravenous admission or for keeping intubation apparatus, dosage charts as per weight or length, etc. Good quality pediatric carts come with a stabilizing system to prevent them from toppling over. They also have pre-threaded holes on both sides where you can hang accessories and special locks that can be sealed.

Benefits of pediatric carts

Pediatric carts are indispensable in emergency situations concerning infants, toddlers and young children as they enable you to access all equipment, medications and supplies required to initiate treatment as soon as the patient is admitted. The idea is to cause the least delay in emergency situations when looking for a particular equipment or medicine according to the weight or length of the patient.

Using pediatric carts

To reap the maximum benefit of a pediatric cart, it is important for you to familiarize yourself with its different color-coded segments and to understand how to locate equipment and medications quickly.

To expedite treatment, weigh the patient and use the weight / length tape (kept on the top drawer) as a calculator and compute the dosage required by using the chart given on the tape. If it is not possible to take the weight, use the length of the patient as an indicator.

If the length or weight of the child corresponds to the demarcating line in-between two color codes, consider the next color code as the correct reading for weight or length.

Never fudge readings to get an exact measurement.

How to buy pediatric carts

You can buy pediatric carts from a reputable medical equipment stores or order them online. Searching on the Internet allows you to compare prices and features before deciding on a cart most suitable for your purposes. Pediatric carts are available in different materials and the number of drawers also varies from model to model.

Standard pediatric carts made of steel and have up to nine drawers available for about twelve hundred dollars while the same model made of lightweight sturdy aluminum costs around eighteen hundred dollars. A smaller aluminum cart with six drawers but having added features like anesthesia equipments will set you back by nineteen hundred dollars.

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