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JONH C/ LINCOLN In 2006, John C. Lincoln chose Innovative Medical Systems / SKYTRON for lights, tables, booms and video/data integration solution in their newly renovated operating rooms. Looking for a company with the “winning combination” for each product category, SKYTRON shined over our competitors. The solution: Stellar Halogen Surgical Lighting Solution, Ergon Central Tandem Mount Boom, SkyVision Integration and a SKYTRON model EZ Slide 3501 Top Slide Surgical Table.


MAYO CLINIC When Mayo Clinic Hospital Phoenix decided to build their minimally invasive/robotic suites, they chose the expert design and quality of IMS/Skytron. Through a collaborative design effort between the Mayo Doctors, Nurses, and staff, Innovative designed and built the O.R. of the 21st century. Booms placed in precise locations, guarantees maximum target alignment required for successful results in all robotic and MIS cases.


PRESBYTERIAN In the initial phase of planning for the new West side hospital, the team at Presbyterian went through and exhaustive evaluation and purchase process. After many weeks of evaluations, they decided upon IMS/Skytron because of the integrity, quality, service, and attention to detail that they provide. IMS/Skytron has since provided lights and tables for all of the existing Presbyterian facilities in Albuquerque, and many of their rural facilities.


SCOTTSDALE HEALTHCARE When Scottsdale Healthcare was in the planning stages for the new Greenbaum Center, they were looking for a solution that would take them past the current technologies into the next generation of equipment. After many months of evaluation and planning, IMS/Skytron provided them with a plan to carry throughout the SHC system. Since the equipping of Greenbaum , IMS/Skytron has formulated a plan and put that solution in every Scottsdale Healthcare facility.

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